Lab 00 - Hello IDS!

Below are the tasks we will be working through in today’s workshop. The primary goal in all of this is to go through a shakedown process for some of the core technology we will be using in this course.

Each workshop Zoom session will start with a brief introduction in the “big group” and then we will move everyone into breakout rooms in small teams. For this week the teams will be randomly assigned.

  1. Once in the breakout room everyone should turn on their audio and video (if possible).

  2. Take turns introducing yourselves (e.g. your name, where you are currently, where you studied previously, etc.).

  3. After each person in the group has had a turn, everyone should provide constructive feedback on any audio or video difficulties encountered

  1. (If you haven’t yet done so…) Go to Learn and click on the Join RStudio Cloud link to sign up for a free RStudio Cloud account which will be automatically enrolled in our course’s space. Feel free to try launching a project and exploring.

  2. Each participant should now take turns to briefly share their screen, we recommend sharing your browser window with RStudio Cloud open. Provide feedback to one another about the quality of the share, pay particular mind to whether or not things like text are readable.

  3. Use the Ask for help button within Zoom and see if a tutor shows up, feel free to move on while you wait.