Lab 02 - Take a sad plot and make it better

In this lab your task is to improve a plot that violates many data visualization best practices. We want you to get creative and make a visualisation that tells a (much!) better story than the original plot.

Learning goals

Complete the following steps before you join the live workshop!

Workshop prep

You have two tasks you should complete before the workshop. It is crucial you do these before the workshop to ensure a smooth (and enjoyable!) experience during the workshop:

Complete the following steps during the live workshop with your team.

Warm up with your team

This is (likely) the first time you’re getting to meet your teammates “in person”. Take 5 minutes to go around and introduce yourselves: name, year, program, where you’re joining from, whatever else you like. Cap off your self introduction by pointing out one error in the following visual.

Once the introductions are over, give a number to each team member. In this lab, team members will take turns sharing their screen and working on an exercise in the common team repo, commit and push their changes, and then the next team member will take over and pull the changes before they make any further changes to their lab. In the lab instructions you’ll see markers for

Getting started


EVERYONE: Go to course GitHub organization and locate your Lab 02 repo, which should be named lab-02-sad-plot-YOUR_TEAMNAME. Grab the URL of the repo, and clone it in RStudio Cloud. Refer to HW 00 if you would like to see step-by-step instructions for cloning a repo into an RStudio project.

First, open the R Markdown document lab-02.Rmd and knit it. Make sure it compiles without errors. The output will be a markdown document (.md) file with the same name.


EVERYONE: Before getting started with the Exercises, run the following code in the Console to load this package.