Lab 07 - Work on projects

This week you’ll be working on your projects. This means no separate lab-07 repo for your lab, everything goes in your project repo. Your lab score will be based on having completed these steps and, as usual, individual contributions to the project repo for these particular tasks.

Once you complete these, use the rest of the time to, well, work on your project! Remember, your project assignment is here.

If you haven’t yet done so (I know some team members have not!) go to the course organization on GitHub and clone your project repo titled project-TEAM_NAME. And if you have, pull before you proceed since I’ve made some updates to your repos.


A new folder called extra has been added to your repos. Any extra documents you might have go here. This might include Rmd files you’re using to develop your project, any notes, or anything else. The contents of this folder will not be marked, it’s just a convenient place to store documents and collaborate with teammates without cluttering the rest of your repo.


Add your project title and team name to the README.Rmd file in the repo. Knit, commit, and push your changes to README.Rmd and Observe that these are updated in the README of the repo.


Remember that your data lives in a folder called data that is not inside your presentation folder. So you need to specify the path to your data with here::here(“data/name_of_datafile”) in your read_csv() (or similar) function.


This website is public, but your repository will remain private, unless… you as a team decide you would like to feature your repos in your personal GitHub profiles. If so, I will help you convert your repo to a public repo at the end of the semester.